Traditional Crafted Nyonya Pineapple Tart

Preserving The Authenticity of Peranakan Food


Natural Ingredients

Our commitment in delivering high quality products. People are more health conscious and despite loving all kinds of food, they are constantly opting for healthier ingredients in them.


No Preservatives

Our products contain no preservatives nor food chemicals. We want to produce food which we can confidently give children and elderly with!


Baba Nyonya Style

Visitors of Malacca are always looking for something originally from Malacca to bring home. Nyonya Tarts obviously becomes listed as Nyonya Tarts were born and made popular here in Malacca.

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About Us

Mouth-watering Malacca Style Pineapple Tart You'll Love!

Malacca is a city located in the south of Malaysia. The city is filled with many historical sites and buildings that have been preserved for many years. Malacca has its own culture, traditions, and identity that make it distinct from other cities in Malaysia. One example of this is its local food—the Malacca style of pineapple paste. It’s quite different from the common style pineapple pastes you can find almost anywhere else in Malaysia.

Our Products

Taste the authentic flavor of Nyonya food.

Say goodbye to preservatives! Our pineapple tart is made with all-natural ingredients, no food chemicals and absolutely no preservatives. We use only the freshest fruits, 100% imported butter, and traditional Nyonya recipes handed down through generations of Nyonya families.

(10pcs per box)

Wise Chef's Traditionally Crafted Nyonya Pineapple Tarts

SGD $35

SGD $25

(18pcs per box)

Wise Chef's Artisanal Premium Pineapple Rolled Tarts

SGD $35

SGD $25

Nyonya Limau Purut Paste

SGD $6

Nyonya Sambal Tumis

SGD $6

Nyonya Pongteh Paste

SGD $6

Turmeric Powder

SGD $4

Roasted Shrimp Paste

SGD $4

Perfect Gift For Family And Friends

As we’ve mentioned before, Malacca pineapple paste doesn’t have any added preservatives. Instead, it uses natural ingredients to prevent spoilage. our pineapple tart has a sweet and tangy flavour that will make your friends or family love you forever.

Limited 60 Box Per Week

We care how it reach your mouth.

We use strong packaging to ensure the quality and safety of products when they’re shipped and delivered to customers. It’s our mission to get our goods reach you in their perfect shape.

Customers Review

Thomas Teo
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Price is very reasonable too given the quality. Just buy from Wise Chef and forget about the rest. AND, don’t believe all these top ten, top five reviews.
Carole Chole
Read More
One of the best tarts I have tasted. Buttery and melt in the mouth pastry. Received them in well bubble wrapped packaging. Definitely would place order again soon.
Chan Gek Imm
Read More
The tarts are yummylicious and come in a lovely packaging- very suitable as gifts!!
Shyre May
Read More
Their tarts was delicious! Super fresh, perfect with tea or coffee. I can see so much effort was done to bake even one single tart. Yummy! A must try and great for gifts.
Nithiakala Manickam
Read More
Wonderful taste. I bought it when I saw the centre accidentally few days ago. Bought 2 boxes with 2 types of tarts, and they were finished in 2 days!
Cloudy Ong
Read More
Reminds me of those times that my auntie used to bake for us. This is what I call The Real Nyonya Kueh Tart.

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